What's the Difference Between a Comforter and Bedspread?

By: Aaron Guhl
Everyone has trouble sleeping at night every now and then. But, if you have trouble sleeping frequently, then there could be a number of reasons why that is. Sometimes it may just come down to the fact that you are too cold at night. A good comforter or bedspread may be just what is needed. It is a very vital part of getting a good night’s sleep and sometimes people neglect paying any attention to the comforter or bedspread they are sleeping with.
But before turning your attention to your comforter or bedspread, it is important to know the different between the two. The first and most obvious difference between a comforter and bedspread is the size. Even when comparing the sizes of bedspreads and comforters that were made for the same sized mattress, the bedspread is typically larger than the comforter. Comforters do not cover the whole bed, while bedspreads usually do cover the whole bed. A bedspread will usually drape down over the box spring and the comforter will usually only cover the mattress. This is why for comforters you will usually need a bed skirt to complete the look of a bed. So keep that in mind when shopping for comforters and you are looking for a matching bed set.
Another difference between comforters and bedspreads is that bedspreads don't stay on the bed while you are sleeping while comforters do. Comforters are usually used for warmth during the night. Bedspreads are usually just for decoration purposes and are not made or designed to stay on you all night long.
Both comforters and bedspreads use the same bed size measurements, so there is no need to worry about trying to find the right size for your bed. Simply know what size your bed is (twin, full, queen, king, etc) and then purchase the equivalent size comforter or bedspread.
Now that you know the difference between the two, you can go out and shop for what it is you would like on your bed and make an educated purchase.

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